Blok1 By GROUP A in Arnhem, The Netherlands

May 13, 2010 Filed Under: House  

Blok1 By GROUP ABlok1 By GROUP A

Blok1 exterior facadeBlok1 exterior facade

Blok1 exterior glass windowsBlok1 exterior glass windows

Blok1 interior glass wallBlok1 interior glass wall

Blok1 interior worktableBlok1 interior worktable

This building is part of the scheme of a larger redevelopment, which predicted the destruction of most post-war housing in the neighborhood, giving way to new, more upscale, residential development. In addition, residential students are included in this scheme, as the student’s presence would lead to differentiation and rejuvenation environment. Student housing tower block 1 serves as a visual landmark and a beacon of change and renewal for Presikhaaf area. The site is located in a secluded, surrounded by green areas. solitary character is enhanced by over-building and orientation of the facade, which is punctuated by a large number of windows, making the building look bigger than it actually is. Fenestration is specifically made that no two dormitories have a fa├žade layouts. Dark brown color gives the building that feels natural, and made it into the ground floor consists of green area. The surrounding support facilities for students, technical and commercial units. Each of the top nine floors laid with ten dormitories. The top floor will be used as a communal roof terrace. Within a limited budget, GROUP A has been able to create a number of high-quality solutions, such as large windows in the corner and roofterrace with its nice scenery.