Chikuzen House By Design nico Architect Associates in Nomachi, Asakura, Fukuoka, Japan

May 11, 2010 Filed Under: House  

Chikuzen House exterior facadeChikuzen House exterior facade

Chikuzen House interior wallChikuzen House interior wall

Chikuzen House interior kitchenChikuzen House interior kitchen

Chikuzen House By Design nico Architect AssociatesChikuzen House By Design nico Architect Associates

Chikuzen House exterior front doorChikuzen House exterior front door

Chikuzen House exterior glass wallChikuzen House exterior glass wall

During the schematic design, we located the necessary functions in a sleek rectangular plan and all rooms are categorized as public and private space and then we came up with three boxes, such as public and private space and space places. We middle to tie the assumed space between a kitchen and we play to replace the two boxes together in the kitchen is located centrally, and created the opening where it is required in connection with the place that lies outside the place and want to maintain privacy from the outside in a place where he was in the area from outside the blind. This site is a house built in the suburbs that offer views of Yasu-Kogen and Mt. Ohira far to the north. Owners are expected only room for future children and two young couples to live and gives us the opportunity to design the system freely. When we visited the site, we can not feel an extraordinary aspect except that the open sights north. In addition, the design begins in a situation that I could not find a comfortable room with easy on site while the site area of 600 square meters wide. As a result, we arrive at a simple constitution that two rectangular lines (two boxes) located in the kitchen as the contact point. In addition, I chose a pointed roof to be able to recognize from the outside that the two boxes built by the relation which creates a gap. Due to the known space of two L-shaped building that appears by two slip off, the place just outside of birth on a site that seems too large compared with the total building area. We think that feeling for a new dwelling may have come up with a person to become a target to feel the scale.

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