Healthcare Building of the Year in United Kingdom by WAN

December 1, 2009 Filed Under: Architecture  

WAN Healthcare_colourfullWAN Healthcare_colourfull

WAN Healthcare_part ofWAN Healthcare_part of

WAN Healthcare_repetitionWAN Healthcare_repetition

WAN Healthcare_upper angleWAN Healthcare_upper angle

WAN Healthcare_wideWAN Healthcare_wide

The Healtcare is a place for children’s eye center who give comfortable service for children as if they were not in the hospital. The Healthcare is a symbol of prestigious for building of the year 2009 in United Kingdom. The healthcare is very interesting place because this place also provides many facilities, like a relaxation room, play areas, and it is unique for its use of ‘ground level’ judges having previously employed a 13 year old school girl and a Head teacher to judge the Education Award. This place gives good serves and welcoming environment, especially for children.