Six By Sebastian Mariscal Studio in La Jolla, California, USA

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Six exterior glass doorSix exterior glass door

Six interior kitchenSix interior kitchen

Six modern interiorSix modern interior

Six By Sebastian Mariscal StudioSix By Sebastian Mariscal Studio

Sebastian Mariscal Studio has been slowly building a portfolio of well-regarded contemporary housing projects throughout the city of San Diego. A row-house project just one block from the beach in La Jolla, one neighborhood in San Diego’s most desirable and expensive. Like all projects, Mariscal is the developer, architect and contractor. Row-houses sitting on top of an underground garage which is accessible from a side street on the low side of the site, sidewalks address them through a small gate at a hedge that provides privacy for the open-house units beyond.Each line consists of two parts which are presented in their completed materials. All residence contained in a wooden box that bridges between the stone pillars. Fully lined wooden box at the IPE-filled bedroom on the second and third floors. Beneath the wooden box, loft-like great room to the kitchen and living areas extended to the garden at both ends. IPE floor walk outside as decking in both directions, connecting the garden area and terrace to the interior. In fact, this “slip” from the inside out so effective that, when the door is folded back, you feel as though you are in an enclosed space exterior. Six is the essence of Southern California housing scheme built on the legacy of smooth relations between the home and garden.